Kitchen Remodel With A New Spin On The 1940's

This project was close to home, literally.  A great neighbor needed a modern and efficient kitchen, so I was fortunate to get to help them!  I love old homes and this one was just a few blocks from where we once lived.  Soapstone countertops, cork flooring and painted cabinets took the lead in this charming space.  They now have great countertop space, a cozy banquette for eating and an efficient work triangle.  It was a pleasure to work on this project!

Using a designer was very helpful in both our remodels - our kitchen & bath - and I think it was well worth it!  Stephanie had ideas and suggestions I would never have come up with.  In fact, my nephew who is a high end builder in Chicago was very impressed with some of Stephanie's ideas.

C. Burns, Kansas

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