Asian-inspired Bathroom Design Radiates Warmth, Individuality

Posted on 08/01/2014

Radiant floor heating warms the cold tile in a newly remodeled master bathroom suite

Traditional design is a wonderful choice with high versatility and resale value. In fact, the whole reason something becomes—and stays— traditional is the fact that it works well. But sometimes breaking free from the comfort of traditional design and concepts can lead to bold, fun, functional spaces that work even better for the homeowner. The Williams family in Nebraska had always worked with traditional designs in their homes, but during their last bathroom suite remodel, they decided to go all-in on an Asian-inspired remodel. From color and materials to details such as heated tile bathroom and dressing area floors, nothing was off limits when Stephanie Bruntz, Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), and manager at Studio B Design, located in Kearney, Neb., worked with the Williams family to plan out their unique space.

“The homeowners had done traditional designs previously, but they were ready to try something new. Right away when I met with them, they were open to unique ideas and fun elements. Choosing an Asian-inspired theme promoted design elements that were modern, bold, and simple, yet high functioning,” Bruntz recalled.

She describes the Williams family as very educated customers. “They loved to look on [Check out WarmlyYours’ Houzz profile here.] They researched ideas on their own, but they were open to suggestions,” Bruntz said.

One functional design element? The dressing area was designed to be accessible directly from the bathroom, eliminating the need to go back around through the bedroom to access it.

Porcelain tile in the master bath suite became warm and inviting with electric radiant floor heating

Bruntz recommended electric heated floors from WarmlyYours Radiant Heating in the bathroom and dressing area, which were finished in fun, low-maintenance 12 X 24-inch porcelain tile.

“Knowing that we were going to have a lot of floor space and knowing the dressing area was going to be attached to the master bathroom we did one eye-catching, textural tile and then we warmed everything,” Bruntz said.

She utilized the complimentary blueprints from the WarmlyYours Installation Support Team. “I always send off to WarmlyYours for the drawings. After receiving the first draft, we check back through it to make sure everything is clear, and if any changes are needed they make sure we have a clean copy. The service is great and it keeps a project on schedule with accurate plans and the right materials,” Bruntz shared.

Bruntz and WarmlyYours designed two thermostats into the installation, one controlling the bathroom floor and one controlling the floor in the dressing area. “It accommodates the higher square footage, which approaches 500 square feet, and gives them maximum flexibility to heat each space to the desired temperature,” Bruntz described. “If they ended up not wanting the dressing area floor heating on as often, they could choose to save energy. It’s like lighting. You put in multiple switches so that you are not locked in to having all the lights on all the time.”

She adds that this provides flexibility in the future for any changes without a lot of extra cost.

After the TempZone™ custom mats and accessories were delivered, Bruntz’s electrician laid the mats and installed the thermostats in the most highly functional places, followed by the tile installation to finish the floor off.

Asian influenced vanity and backsplash complement the luxurious radiant heated porcelain tile flooring in this master bath suite

“I’m always surprised at how quickly the installation goes,” Bruntz said, who runs a very tight schedule to finish projects on time. Custom-cut mats arrive in one piece, making for a fast, simple installation by eliminating any time-consuming cuts or trims.

The end result? “They absolutely love it,” Bruntz shared.

Cold tile floors don’t have to be a by-product of a beautiful tile design. Breaking away from “traditional” can include positive upgrades that step past “the way things are.” The right features and planning can warm up a space into a cozy, modern sanctuary right in your own home.

Electric floor heating systems for tile and stone floors, such as the ones installed in this project, are a traditional choice in the industry. Have you gone beyond “traditional” and designed an outstanding or unique radiant heated tile floor? Share your story, send us photos on the WarmlyYours Facebook page, or tweet us at @WarmlyYours.

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